E-mails for Contacting Clients

Email copy
The importance of e-mail in communication with customers.

Do you remember fax device? …..… Yes, it has been old fashion now , e-mail is the most easiest official way to deal with customers, but it has become the fastest way to communicate directly with the client  or even all your customers.  just a few simple clicks , but there are many mistakes that should be avoided in using e-mail.

First:  Do not use free e-mail service at dealings with your customers

even if you are one of the largest companies, and this e-mail is old and deal Doing several years ago, the client will be Your business is not seen as merely a personal business and not a fully integrated company. So you should immediately use an email on your company name (your website name) @yourdomain and you should have all your employees use email with the same domain @yourdomain in this way will ensure that you control all your company correspondence and force the client to respect the message Send it to him and give a strong credibility to fit the size of your company.

Second: Do not send to all customers in one message

(do not put all the eggs in one basket) Send a consolidated message to a number of your customers will make them connected to each other, and if any of them responded by This response will reach all your customers and will be an unwanted gathering if any problem arises God forbid if your business circle small, I already need saree create a website? Your website contributes to the expansion of your business and your business points of us today does not use the Internet to search for what he wants to buy and the best places to go. If your business is limited to a particular province or a small area and you want to expand, creating a website for your business is the fastest way to achieve your goal if your business is many and you want to do a good and wide marketing of your products inside and outside the country where you live