E-marketing exporter packages

باقات تسويق المصدرين
  E-marketing Exporter Packages.

whatever your product type , now you can get your own export opportunities directly. This is done by direct access to your target buyers around the world. Choose the quality and location of the companies, by yourself and we will open up access to them wherever they are.

Now you can get the best package of

  E-marketing Exporter Packages.

That include all exporter needs from the methods of communication and presentation of products till reaching to the appropriate customer in the countries specified by the customer.

You will get with these packages the following merits : 

  • An integrated website including your products and ways of reaching your company.
  • A  registered site through the official domains( com.eg. ), This is because of the importance of dealing with third parties, as these domains can only be obtained for official companies only (where this site is booked using the commercial register and tax card)
  • An official e-mail, that ends with your domain name ( @domain name.com ) in order to give confidence to your customers that you deal with.
  • Professional Google ads, which include:

* The right keywords of your products .

* The target countries will be chosen to deal with the possibility of choosing

* The possibility of choosing search time.

*  Professional management of your ads.

Beginners' Package

3000 LE

Get a Google advertising package with a value of 1500 pounds for a month +

full website with a com.eg. domain name  + E-mail accounts  that ends with your domain name + design + control panel

Monthly Package

4500 LE

Monthly offer.

Google ads worth 3000 L.E +

a website and domain com.eg .  + E-mail accounts  + design + control panel worth 1600 pounds

3 Months Package

9000 LE

Subscribe to the export package for 3 months at 3000 Egyptian pounds per month

and get full ads for three months

and get a website + the design for one year free

14% value tax will be added

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