E-marketting copy

It is no doubt that technology has forced global marketing systems to shift to digital marketing or e-marketing that has become more active and effective and influential in marketing processes than regular marketing tools. On the vice versa, e-marketing has become more effective, as the quality is determined marketing by the type of product or service that is advertised.

E-marketing is characterized by the ability to determine the destination of the beneficiaries of marketing. The most important classification on which marketing depends is the quality of the desired customers, where the type of customer is divided from a commercial customer.

These systems have been classified several years ago to B2B or B2C . We will start with a simplified explanation for each of them: B2C, which is the usual marketing types and means Business to Customer any commercial to consumer which is related to the marketing operations of the products that depend on the average end consumer. These products are often durable goods or services to individuals in which B2C marketing is a targeted explanation of the good or service and works to attract the customer to buy or use it.

Through different marketing tools from within To encourage the customer and facilitate the ways of obtaining the product or service by specifying the places of sale and distribution and otherwise B2B, which means commercial for any commercial and is related to goods, products and services aimed at reaching other companies or distinctive customers to open direct contact methods and often What you also need to encourage the customer to buy or get the service, but the advantage of e-marketing is that it can determine the type of customer you want or need your business, making it more effective than any other systems in marketing.

In order to explain more about the importance of marketing we need to determine the method of efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efficiency is the ratio between consumption (combined expenses) and the volume of benefit (the number of customers obtained) through effective e-marketing systems can get a large volume of customers compared to the size Much lower expenses than other advertising systems such as exhibitions and outdoor advertising other than marketing forums and other marketing methods All you have to do is determine the features of your product or service contact us to study the appropriate budget for advertising and start success