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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

First you need to know what a search engine is: it is a tool used to search for information on the Internet, once you enter a search keyword, your search results appear showing more than one website. Search results are displayed on many pages.

Search engines are numerous , from time to time a new search engine appears, but the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Example: Google is the most popular search engine, when you search for something you will find in the first 10 results of a page. Have you ever asked yourself why this site exists in # 1, the other is # 5 in the result, or on the second page as a result of your search for example? The answer in SEO is control. SEO configures sites for search engines and makes your site more compatible with all search engines by doing some actions on your site, to reach the results on the first pages in the results of different search engines.

SEO basics are applied to websites to get more visitors and get special scores at first search results. Sites above Google search results have a greater share of traffic and therefore more sales or revenue. SEO costs you reasonable prices when you use them, and even companies that use SEO cost 61% less than others, and achieve better results at a low cost, your business is showing strongly in the market to the world.

When your results appear in Google’s first results, they will give an impression of trust and credibility to the audience and customers. If the audience cannot find you in the results, they will question your credibility and may turn to competing companies or organizations. Once you get excellent results, you only need constant monitoring to keep your business at the top. This helps you to be in online marketing permanently, you must maintain your results. Top traders or competitors cannot remove your results once they are found in search engines. Google and others rely on content, not money.